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In some past years, the conversation residential treatment hubs for teens became rapidly complex. These institutions, designed as therapeutic environments for youth dealing with a variety of problems. Such as emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues. Oftenly, you can find yourself at the intersection of controversy and scrutiny. We will try to provide an insight on the micro landscape of RTCs. The challenges they face, the allegations arising and the way forward towards reform and betterment.

Glimpses Over Solstice RTC

Solstice RTC is a family support and wellness behavior-modification program that opened in 2008. It is marketed as a residential treatment center for adolescent girls aged 14 to 18 (as specified at birth). The program states it specializes in treating girls struggling with trauma, attachment, loss, and addictions. Although, they also treat members with a history of any of the following: depression, anxiety, any sort of mental abuse such as Eating disorders, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, attachment issues, family conflict. Even academic problems, processing difficulties, social anxieties and emotional distress. The average length of program stay is stated between 9 and 12 months.

They help teenage students with a number of problems. They often treat students who are dealing with challenges related to past traumas, attachment problems, and loss. As we researched, they equip users with the tools that are needed to lead happy and successful lives. They offer a nurturing and helping environment for teenage students.

History Of RTC Solstice

Solstice RTC is located in Layton, Utah. It is located only 4 miles from Island View RTC. An Aspen Education Group program now owned by Family Help & Wellness and marketed under the name Elevation RTC. Two of the three founders of Solstice had worked at Island View Solstice West RTC before leaving to form Solstice. In 2012, Solstice RTC launched another treatment center in Weaverville, North Carolina, called Solstice East. Solstice East’s schedule is similar to Solstice West’s. In 2017, the program expanded further and opened Equinox RTC, which is a clone of Solstice except it caters to teenage boys.

Partnership With Family Support & Wellbeing

Solstice has partnered with Wilderness Training & Consulting, LLC. It is an Oregon-based company doing business as Family Help & Wellness. The company was founded by Tim Duppell, who was executive vice president and CFO of Aspen Education from 1999 to 2004. Family Help expanded by purchasing and reopening other treatment facilities that had closed.


Solstice West RTC’s provider company, Family Help & Wellness, is owned by private equity firm Trinity Hunt Partners, which first invested in 2014. FamilyHelp has close ties to Aspen Education Group. FamilyHelp was founded in 2008 by former Aspen EVP and CFO Tim Dupelle, and several Aspen sites that had closed were reopened under FHW.

National Association for Therapeutic Schools and Programs

Solstice West RTC belongs to the National Association for Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP), a membership program. In December 2020, following an increase in survivor record requests. The president of NATSAP advised on a leaked call to reject programs for protection . Advocacy organizations whose job it is to ensure that people with disabilities are not mistreated in their programs. Have access to nonpublic parts of. And review it with a lawyer.

A program known as Samaya RTC originally opened on June 28, 2007 at exactly the same address. Less than a year later Samaya was closed down due to failure to renew its license. Solstice RTC opened immediately at that location just a few days later. In fact, in an advertisement for the Solstice RTC, there is a section that actually substitutes the word Solstice for time. The Solstice West RTC appears to be a rebrand of the Samaya RTC.

Conclusion: Towards Smart Future

Amidst the allegations and calls for reform, the path forward for Solstice West RTC abuse is filled with challenges, but also opportunities for significant reform. With transparency, rigorous oversight, and a steadfast commitment to the well-being of their residents. Facilities such as Solstice West can re-describe their legacy and truly fulfill their mission of healing and growth.

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