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Andre A. Hakkak is an ever-lasting inspiration in the world of finance and entrepreneurship. He is a wise and visionary leader who picked shining pearls at an early age. With consistent efforts and intelligence, Andre achieved heights beyond expectations. Delve into the below-written article to unleash the personal and professional endeavours of Andre A. Hakkak

Who is Andre Hakkak?

Andre A. Hakkak is the well-known co-founder and CEO of White Oak Global Advisors. People admire him as an expert in the realm of finances. His present reputation is a testament to his managerial skills and complicated investment methods. Andre’s latest asset is a Gables Estates Mansion. He and his wife, Marissa Shipman together signed it.

It signifies their immense efforts to navigate in the right direction. Their togetherness radiates inspiration, besides affection. After collaborating with Hakkak, the CEO of White Oak has achieved over $10 billion in assets. Andre’s strategies accelerate the growth of the company at a hasty pace. The company soon got listed among global finance players. Keep reading to explore more knowledge about his charming personality.

Biography of Andre A. Hakkak

Andre Samuel Hakkak is a well-known ss Andre A. Hakkak. He has a well-established career in finance. Alongside he is also an entrepreneur. He is acknowledged as a successful co-founder by WOGA. Well, WOGA is a renowned global investment organization. Hakkak showcases his extraordinary investment skills all over the world. He is deliberately involved in sustainable practices. He is a well-known personality in the financial landscape.

Physical Appearance

Andre is a tall height dashing personality. He is as tall as 5.6 ft with a weight of 60 kg – 132.2 Lbs. His hair colour is black. His physical charm radiates positivity and inspiration.

Andre Family

Andre has not revealed any information about his parents and siblings. As there are no details available, we are unable to provide you with one. Stay connected to our page as we keep updating the data. Andre is someone who doesn’t like to share personal details on public domains. Well, we are striving hard to reach out to his family details. 

Early life of Andre

Although not many details are available about Andre Hakkak’s early life. He had spent a creative childhood. His present-day success is undoubtedly a perfect blend of his skills and creativity. 

Andre Hakkak’s Education

Andre’s educational journey played an important role in his later accomplishments. It led to a robust foundation for overcoming all professional endeavours. Andre went to the renowned University of California, Berkeley. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Finance Science there. He later settled in Miami, Florida. Here he joined the school and had many fruitful experiences. He owes a series 7,63, and 24 licenses from FINRA. They offer exceptional skills in finance regulations. Andre is a leading personality in the finance sector.

Andre A. Hakkak before his fame

Andre was born and brought up in America. He completed his schooling in his hometown. He was a sharp and diligent personality since childhood. Andre burnt the midnight oil to secure a bright future for himself and his family. He was an ordinary man with extraordinary focus and fierce. Andre buckled down with his threshold to embrace the sky and rainbows.

His present-day popularity is a testament to his dedication, commitment and honesty. He directed numerous finance companies. With proper execution of Financial strategies, he succeeded in driving the companies towards prosperity. His achievements have gilded his name with bold letters in the history of finance and marketing. Unknowingly he has fueled many students aspiring to be an entrepreneur. Andre’s journey enlightened many citizens. 

How did Andre Hakkak become famous?

Andre has garnered a lot of pearls and gems in the field of finance. Presently he is recognised worldwide as a finance expert. He works for multiple companies, including White Oak. He stands apart with his creative and innovative finance strategies. Andre kickstarted his finance career with Alpine Global Inc.

Professional career

Andre has an expanded professional career. He transcends all his limitations and outshines has an inspiring personality. His key positions are listed below:

  • CEO and co-founder at White Oak Global Advisors: MR. Hakkak is like a lamp directing the right way. He guided the company in its strategy. He develops specific investments.
  • The COI at Alpine Global Inc: He invested in many fixed-income and real estate. Many companies flourish under Andre’s leadership and vision.
  • Suisse Global Investments: Andre was the founder of Suisse Global Investments. He is an expert in designing custom deals in around 30 countries. This indicates his skilful mind.

Furthermore, he is an investment banker at Robertson Stephens and Co. His work demonstrates attentiveness. 

Awards and Achievements

Andre’s career is brimming with accomplishments. He has gained fame through his awards and achievements. Andre is a significant contributor in the realm of finance. He has worked dedicatedly for the business sustainability and finance industry. His contribution shouts his ability to win the financial world.

Andre A. Hakkak is the founder of?

Andre is a well-known figure in finance. He has founded the following remarkable companies:

  • He is the co-founder and CEO at renowned White Oak Global Advisors. He is crafting innovative strategies for investment funds.
  • Andre is COI of Alpine Global, Inc. in Alternative fixed income and real estate investments.
  • Andre initiated his own business Suisse Global Investments at the tender age of 24. He was deliberately involved in creating strategies for 30+ countries. This made a significant rise in Andre’s net worth. It jumped from $500k to $5M in just five years.
  • He served as an Investment Banker at Robertson Stephens and Co. He offered his strategies to the company for the Investment Company Act.

His efforts and hard work paid off in the form of the company’s progress. His contributions significantly accelerated the growth of numerous firms.

Andre Hakkak Wife

Andre Hakkak wife name is arissa Shipman. They both live together. They have paved their way towards a prosperous fortune. The Chinese siblings purchased a property in Gables Estates. They are business partners. Marissa Shipman is the CEO and founder of a reputed company, Balm Cosmetics. It is based in Reno, Nevada. She settled the company in 2004 and running it in profits since then. The couple is blessed with a vision and leadership qualities. They maintain a balance between their personal and professional life with great efficacy. 

Andre Wife Marissa Shipman Bio

Marissa Shipman, wife of Andre Hakkak is the CEO and founder of Balm Cosmetics. Marissa has earned a luxurious lifestyle. The couple purchased the $13.6 million Coral Gables mansion in November 2024. Shipman is a well-recognised figure in the field of cosmetics. She is an established cosmetics entrepreneur. Marissa has achieved a prosperous life. She is a role model for all the women aspiring to fulfil their dreams.

Andre Hakkak Net Worth

Andre Hakkak net worth of $22,771,008. According to informatics, he has no secondary earning source, besides his expertise in finance. He earned this massive revenue through his skills in finance science. Well, this amount is growing consistently. All thanks to Andre’s sharp vision and wise strategies. Many individuals are taking financial knowledge from Andre looking at his efficient innovations. His vision of blending investment techniques and environmental concerns has made him identify as a forward-looking businessman.

Social Media

He has maintained an updated and attractive profile on social media platforms, including LinkedIn. It is chiefly for professional objectives. Clients and peers can easily connect via his LinkedIn profile. Andre stays in touch on this online platform with other entrepreneurs.


Andre Hakkak covered a journey from a financial consultant to an accomplished entrepreneur. This achievement is a testament to his resilience, vision, and adaptability. Andre overcame all the challenges with courage and optimism. He has found a remarkable position in the realm of finances. His focus on sustainability made him stand apart. Andre can craft innovative strategies. Implementing the same with mindfulness drove him towards prosperity and fame. One can chase Andre’s footsteps to reach the heights of the sky.

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