Ever wondered what if you were able to track your girlfriend’s whatsapp chats? Or you would be able to see her call details? This sounds unrealistic and quite fishy! But this is being claimed by many people. The AI-generated videos on Hindikaro have helped the website gain a lot of popularity recently. These videos, particularly on YouTube and Instagram, frequently make daring assertions that quickly gain widespread popularity. In this blog post we are going to reveal the truth behind this platform and the claims being made.

What Exactly Is Hindikaro About?

Lately, Hindikaro.com has been receiving a lot of attention. Their AI-generated commercials are very appealing and full of promises. This makes them go viral on the internet. Yet how trustworthy are the assertions? This is what we are here to find out in this post. So don’t go anywhere and continue reading further. This information might be of some use to you. 

What Are The Big Claims That Are Being Made On Social Media Platforms?

  • According to one of their most watched videos, you may download a program from Hindikaro.com and track someone’s WhatsApp conversations. People, particularly those concerned about privacy, are taking notice of this and talking about it.
  • A call detail tracker, according to another video, can be used to obtain comprehensive call history for any phone number. The buzz surrounding this website has increased. It is because of this video’s virality.
  • To begin with, there’s no doubt that tracking a person’s confidential texts or phone logs using software developed by another party is illegal and probably against privacy rules in many places. It is generally forbidden and unlawful by law to get someone’s private conversations without that person’s permission.
  • Secondly, there’s a tendency to exaggerate these applications’ usefulness. Users get dissatisfied and incur costs when these offerings fall short of their expectations.
  • Moreover, there is a great deal of room for misuse. These instruments might be employed for evil purposes like bullying or blackmail. Before using these services, consumers must be aware of the implications and possible consequences.
  • It’s best to approach the promises presented in these widely shared videos with caution and an open mind.

Giving A Fact Check

You already are aware about the stringent privacy laws of India. You cannot access anybody’s whatsapp chat if you are a third party. Only the participants in the chat can access any communications sent over WhatsApp. It is because of its strong  end-to-end encryption. Any third-party app that doesn’t have the device associated with it will find it extremely difficult to access these talks. Even if such an app existed, it would probably be unethical and against the law to use. Strict rules safeguarding communication privacy exist in several nations. Therefore, it would be illegal for any service to advertise that it has this feature.

What Exactly Happens On This Website?

If you go to this platform to download this alleged program, you will be taken to an alternate page. Moreover that page is chock-full of advertisements. By fooling users into clicking on these advertising, the website generates revenue. There are several deceptive adverts instead of a legitimate app for monitoring WhatsApp conversations. It is also untrue to say that there is a call detail tracker. Unauthorized access to comprehensive call logs is both highly challenging and prohibited. Telephone service providers take great care to protect sensitive information, and it is a major offense to gain unauthorized access.

What Are The Risks Of Using This Website?

You run the risk of damaging your device by trying to download dubious apps and visiting websites such as Hindikaro. These applications may request rights that if granted could result in the theft of your personal information, identity theft, or other cybercrimes. Furthermore, certain websites may request payment information for “premium” functionality. This could lead to financial fraud. It is possible that you will lose money by paying for services that are not provided.

The Culprit Is Social Media

  • Nowadays the main culprit for anything is social media. It is beneficial to a certain extent. But it is also the medium of the spread of fake information. This tends to mislead people. As a result people fall in these traps and suffer. These viral films demonstrate the ease with which misleading information may proliferate on social media.
  • Fast information exchange is made possible by channels like Instagram and YouTube, but they also facilitate the spread of false information. It’s crucial to consider what others may see and verify the information before sharing or accepting it.
  • It is suggested that never rely just on one source. You should always question dramatic statements. It may also be easier to spot and stay away from misleading information. If one is aware of the ways that false information circulates.
  • It is crucial now more than ever to consume information responsibly in the digital era. So you should always think before what you are trusting. Learn to question the information and check it for assurance.

How To Protect Yourself From This Fake News?

You should go and look for trustworthy sources. This will help you to verify whether the allegations are accurate. Something is most likely not real if it sounds too wonderful to be true. Examine critiques, reports, and various other reliable sources to verify the information. Use only official apps that are available on reliable app stores for tracking and monitoring.

Moreover, it is safe and legal to use these apps. You should try and report any false information you come across to the social media site. This keeps misleading information from spreading and shields others from deceit.


The videos on Hindikaro regarding call detail and WhatsApp conversation trackers are merely frauds. These are intended to generate revenue through advertisements. These assertions are untrue. You may by believing them have to face negative consequences. 

It is advised to never believe anything you read online. You should always use official channels and reliable sources to safeguard your digital security.

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